5 reasons parents shouldn’t shop at thrift baby stores

The total number of second-hand baby stores has more than doubled in recent years. This means that today there are as many second-hand stores as there are those that sell new baby items. Perhaps one of the reasons for the growing number of stores is the fact that the profit margin is quite good compared to selling new clothes. That said, from a parent’s point of view, buying second-hand children’s clothing, shoes, toys, and other items is not a good idea. Here are some reasons why experts recommend that parents not shop at secondhand baby stores. Clothes can be infested with various diseases.

Babies have almost no immune systems, making them vulnerable to just about anything. Conditions like the common cold, smallpox, chickenpox, etc., can be transferred from clothes or toys to a baby. Although second-hand baby clothes are dry NBA Youngboy Hoodie cleaned in most cases before being sold, this does not make them safe to use, which is why experts advise against buying second-hand. That said, there are a number of resistant viruses that can easily withstand the cleaning and disinfecting process used by most stores.
Items are not durable

Thrift baby stores often sell items that are repaired or are already in the middle of their useful life. Yes, you will save 70% by buying a new stroller or car seat, for example, but they won’t last that long, so you’ll have to buy another just a few months later. Also, because many of these items have been repaired, it is not known when the wheels of a baby carriage can fall or when the safety strap of the car seat can break.
Slightly used is a relative term

Many baby stores that sell second items may advertise that they are infrequently used, but what is a lightly used item? The term is subjective, but it’s a great way for the seller not to tell you that they don’t know anything about how the item was used and exactly how much was used. This ambiguity is a great risk that you should not take with your children. You cannot return items

Online baby stores that sell second-hand items do not have a return, refund, or guarantee policy. So once these items arrive at your doorstep, there is nothing you can do to get your money back or a replacement in case they are cracked, broken, or faulty. What may look good in a photograph may not necessarily reflect the actual condition of the items, which is what makes buying second-hand items online risky and often a waste of money.
You’re wasting your time

If you want to find that rare gem by searching online baby thrift stores, it will take a long time and you may still end up with the garbage. The same goes for searching for these items offline. So you better save time and buy something new to start with.